From time immemorial, people in Lithuania and all over the world have decorated their space with natural goods both during the Holidays and on an ordinary day. Advent wreaths, a Christmas tree, verbs, exploding birch and willow buds on the table in the spring, autumn bouquets have become a natural tradition from generation to generation. Plenty of houseplants exists, which we can use to fill the space with, if we love them and want to take care of them. Green colour in the interior is intuitively associated with life, youth, health, and more than one study finding speaks about the calming and stress-reducing effects of plants.

In our climate zone, as long as the dark and cold period of the year continues, we spend a lot of time indoors, at home, in the office, leisure or sports places and intuitively want to see more light, greenery and a natural environment.

Plants are not only part of culture and natural identity, they are also a „tool“ for interior design.

There are many ways to use plants in an interior and fill an empty space, wall or niche, “round” corners when they act aggressively, complete a wall line when standing furniture is too short, or create a dynamic image by integrating a green vertical or create a dynamic image by integrating a green vertical or rofessionalement.

Finally, the plants in the room seem to show that there is life, care and coziness here.

Preserved plants have become a convenient and affordable way to have a long-lasting, economical and sustainable green interior solution indoors. We want to be your rofessional advisors, developers and partners in finding original solutions for your private or business space.